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End of Life Navigation

While planning for your own passing, or the passing of a loved one, is an inherently unpleasant subject, we can assist you with the decisions that have to be made. We at Gasaway Investment Advisors, Inc. have experience that can be drawn on to help guide you during this difficult time. 

We are dedicated to providing you assurance that you have taken the necessary steps for whatever comes next in life. 

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Review your financials, policies, and contracts

Our experienced advisors can sit down and help you determine what the best course of action is involving your unique financial situation.


Organize and consolidate financial accounts

Consolidating your financial assets gives you the ease of one point of contact. The Gasaway team is readily prepared to handle any asset management, processing, or distributions while maintaining streamlined communication for you and your loved ones. 



Answer any questions or direct you to other professionals that we work hand-in-hand with.

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