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Plan Documents - Boat Sails

Plan Documents and Consulting

Thorough documentation, Full transparency

Though you can depend on our knowledge of qualified retirement plans to create a plan which best fits your needs and tailor it to fit your unique circumstances, the plan cannot be set and left alone. It must be periodically reviewed, to make sure that it continues to meet your goals as an employer and is updated for changes in the law.


Receive complete plan documents for your review
  • Prototype Documents – Written by FIS Relius's PPD Division, these documents are useful when the plan sponsor wants a straightforward plan, including some "non-standard items" without paying extra for them.  FIS Relius, a leading provider of software and services for employee benefit professionals with nationally recognized employee benefits attorneys, is one of the employee benefit industry's most trusted names in document solutions.

  • Amendments of Documents – Both as a result of changes to the Internal Revenue Code or regulations and for changes requested by the employer, these documents are generally provided at no additional charge. Additionally, since it is the responsibility of FIS Relius (together with Gasaway Investment Advisors, Inc.) to file for an IRS Determination Letter for the prototype plan document, the employer often would not need to file for a Determination Letter when establishing the plan.

Accommodate "Non-standard" provisions with our documents *
  • Exclude classes of employees (beyond union employees or non-resident aliens)

  • Require that participants be employed on the last of the plan year in order to receive any allocations of employer contributions

  • Exclude items from the definition of compensation such as commissions, bonuses, or overtime

  • Have non-uniform allocation methods such as cross-testing or different contribution rates for different members of a controlled group or affiliated service group


*  Note that these provisions may require additional discrimination testing and may not pass testing in all situations.

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