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How much should I save every month?

A simple question, right? Well, there are a lot of factors at play…

What is your goal?

  • Establish an Emergency Fund

  • Pay Down Student Loan Debt

  • Save for Big Purchase: House, Car, Wedding

  • Save for College

  • Pay Down Credit Card Debt

  • Save for Retirement

Prioritize Goals with a Timeline:

  • Less than ONE YEAR: Vacation, Emergency Savings, Holidays, Taxes, Wedding

  • Less than TEN YEARS: New car, Buy house, Home repairs/renovation, College savings, Student loans

  • LIFETIME: Retirement

Control Spending: How much should I be paying?

  • Mortgage > 29%

  • Car Payment > 15%

  • Total Debt > 36%

Begin Saving: How much should I be saving? 20 % of take home pay

Seem daunting? Try 50/20/30

  • 50% Essentials: Housing, Food, Utilities, Transportation, Child Care, Insurance, Minimum Debt Payments

  • 20% Savings: Retirement Savings, Savings Plans, Additional Debt Payments, Emergency Savings

  • 30% Flexible Spending: Entertainment, Gym Membership, Trips, etc.

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