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Wellness Awareness is NOT a sprint, it is a MARATHON!

Have you ever ran a 5K or a marathon? If so, did you prepare for it? Do you think entering a marathon without preparation would provide you with success? For most people the answer would be no.

When thinking about your financial wellness and retirement goals, we consider THIS to be your Marathon! Just like preparing physically for a running event, you must prepare financially for retirement.

Establishing financial goals for the future can be intimidating and overwhelming at first. Just like the saying “There is only one way to eat an elephant: one bite at a time” the same is true for financial goals. Take it one step at a time. So, we must ask ourselves, what type of goals are important for me to consider for retirement?

You must set attainable goals. Let’s go back to our marathon runner for just a minute; a good trainer will assess their athlete’s health and ability before committing to a race. It is important for you to assess your goals and align your career to set yourself up for success.

You must anticipate obstacles. If you talk to any marathon runner, they can tell you all about the walls they might hit during a race. For some, that wall might be a soul-crushing hill; for others, it’s the 13.1 split; still others may even experience injuries that make them question whether they can push themselves to reach the finish line. Ask yourself, what obstacles could impact me on my path to retirement? Remember, a goal cannot be achieved without a plan in place. Therefore, without your plan, preparation, and persistence, you will never reach the finish line.

We encourage you to be aware of your financial wellness. If you find yourself questioning your current path or need assistance, we are here to help. We strive to provide personalized service, quality investments, and the confidence to help you navigate your financial course.

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