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Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness Series

Many Americans are stressed about their finances. It causes employees to lose sleep worrying about money and not having a sense of financial security. But then it goes further in affecting their productivity while at work… They become distracted by their finances, miss work due to personal financial issues and cite health issues caused by financial stress.

Gasaway Investment Advisors offers a Financial Wellness Course that over a six-week period covers a series of different financial topics. Participating in this series will help you and your employees learn real-world techniques that lead to financial freedom.

Financial Wellness - Budgeting


Financial Wellness - Planning


Financial Wellness - Execute


What will the different courses cover?

Budgeting & Debt

A budget seems so simple, yet it is the most under-used financial tool. We will dive head first into how to create a successful budget and discuss good debt vs bad. We will also talk about the idea of spending what is left after you save; something that is often misunderstood.

Insurance & Risk Management

There is nothing more exciting than insurance, right? We will show how to safeguard assets using insurance along with exploring other options of how to reduce risk in your everyday life.


Are you making money while you sleep or without lifting a finger? While it isn’t that easy, we are going to peel back the layers of investment options to make investing easier to understand and less stressful.

Real Estate & College Planning

These are two very different topics, but both are important. We will go over affordability when it comes to purchasing a home, breaking down a mortgage to understand what it contains and discussing the time frame that your mortgage should be. The college planning portion will dive into FAFSA and other ways to fund college/education costs.

Retirement Planning

This course brings the previous coursework into play as we will discuss how to apply these items to real-life scenarios. We will go through a couple of case studies to see the impact financial wellness strategies can produce.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is typically categorized as something that older people with a lot of money need. However, we want to show you why estate planning needs to be done at any age or income level and often in inexpensive ways.

Each course can be held at your location at a time that is convenient to you.

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