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Services for Companies

We are the right team to handle your company's retirement plan needs! 


The Only Call You’ll Have To Make


One of the things that makes us stand out is our "one-stop-shop" approach. Our professional staff is experienced at providing personalized service to both you and your participants. We have the answers you need, when you need them. We'll administer the plan, handle the investments, and give advice to your employees. Additionally, participants have 24-hour access to their account information, and can initiate investment transactions via our interactive website or telephone systems.

Retirement Plan Administration


Our retirement plan department at Gasaway Investment Advisors provides full-service administration for defined contribution retirement plans, tailoring them to best fit the needs of your company. We strive to provide service in an accurate and timely manner.

Investment Philosophy


Our investment philosophy involves using investment options that meet our stringent screening criteria, while focusing on the long–term investor. We are not tied to, nor do we receive commissions from, any fund family. This allows us to serve your needs without an obligation to sell preferred products of other fund, brokerage, or investment companies. We complete independent evaluations of a full range of mutual funds, exchange-traded Funds (ETFs) and fixed income options to create an investment menu appropriate for your needs.


Once an investment menu has been carefully crafted, we regularly monitor each investment option and automatically make changes to the investment lineup when we feel is appropriate.

  • Fiduciary Liability - We accept fiduciary liability in writing for the work we do.
  • Plan Consulting - We develop a plan that meets the goals of the company and then regularly review the provisions to make sure that the plan continues to meet the company’s goals.
  • Monitoring - We select and monitor appropriate investments for the plan, by picking and choosing from thousands of investment options in order to create a menu that uses only highly rated investments in each category.
  • Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts - We can design the plan to allow participants (or even their outside advisor) to invest in individual stocks, bonds, or mutual funds of their choice.
  • Documentation - We provide all Plan Documents and Amendments.
  • Reconciliation and Plan Audits - We regularly reconcile the plan to make sure that everything is accurately accounted for and assist with Plan Audits when necessary. 
  • Eligibility & Vesting - We determine and track participant eligibility & update vesting percentages.
  • Matching & Profit-Sharing Contributions - We allocate any matching and profit-sharing contributions made to the plan.
  • Recordkeeping - We establish and maintain a participant account for each plan participant; tracking contributions, distributions, and any gains or losses.
  • Pricing & Valuation - We update participant accounts daily according to changes in account values. 
  • Participant Loans - We create and process loan paperwork & account for all principal and interest payments on outstanding participant loans (if allowed by the plan).
  • Discrimination Testing - We perform annual required tests to prove compliance with regulations, including ADP/ACP, Top-Heavy, general non-discrimination, and any other coverage testing that may be required; along with verifying limits under annual additions testing.

  • From 5500 Preparation and Filing - We prepare and file the annual Form 5500 on your behalf.
  • Distributions - Forms 1099 and 945 are prepared and filed on your behalf. 
  • Educational and Enrollment Program - We have a customized multi-media educational and enrollment program for your newly eligible participants.
  • Asset Allocation - Participants are busy and often lack the knowledge of investing. For participants who elect this service, we will build their asset allocations for them using the investments offered in the plan.  Then, we will continually monitor the allocations and make changes as  we feel they are appropriate. 
  • Customized Retirement Savings Analysis - We help employees determine their savings needs through a customized analysis.
  • Interactive Internet & Telephone Access - We provide access for employees to get account information and make changes 24 hours a day.
  • Participant Statements - We provide easy to read (and customizable) quarterly participant statements.
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