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Who We Are

Let Us Help You Navigate Your Financial Course

Gasaway Investment Advisors has been serving our community for over 30 years. Our mission is to provide personalized service, quality investments, and the confidence to navigate your financial course. No matter where you are at on your financial journey, we are here to help.


Our team specializes in helping individuals and small businesses all under one roof. Whether you are interested in planning your personal retirement goals or establishing a 401(k) for your business, we will work with you to chart your course to financial freedom.


Knowledge and Expertise

Our team is highly skilled to be able to help clients with their retirement plan and wealth management needs.


Jim Gasaway is the President of GIA.  He grew up in the financial planning business and has dedicated his career to helping people navigate their financial course. He specializes in helping businesses customize, monitor, and administer their retirement plans. Jim holds several designations and takes pride in helping the future generation of financial planners.

Fee Only

Registered Investment Advisors

We are Registered Investment Advisors. As Registered Investment Advisors we are held to a Fiduciary Standard rather than a Suitability Standard, and pride ourselves in doing so.


What is the difference?

  • Fiduciary Standard:  While acting as a fiduciary, we must act solely in our client’s best interest. We must set aside all other influences and do what is best for YOU. This will minimize any conflicts of interest and allows us to truly choose products and investments that are best for our clients.

  • The “other” Standard (Suitability Standard): Brokers who choose to follow this standard are not held to the same level of commitment to their clients as Fiduciaries. Brokers are able to process transactions that are suitable for the client, but may not necessarily be in the client’s best interest.     

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