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Services for Individuals - Sailboats

Services for Individuals


We'll meet with you to talk about your financial goals, our philosophy about money management, and answer your questions about current market conditions. Based on our conversation, we'll create a customized financial analysis that will provide a foundation for our decisions about your investment program. 

Design and Implement

Once we understand your expectations, we'll design an investment portfolio targeted to your needs and risk tolerance; choosing products that serve you - not the sales quotas of outside investment companies. 


We'll regularly monitor market conditions and the investments in your portfolio. As conditions change, we'll make the adjustments necessary to help you stay on course. We'll also track cost basis information to assist you with tax preparation. 


Through regular meetings with you, we'll review the progress of your account, learn about changes in your personal situation, and keep you informed of the state of the markets. 

Navigating Your Financial Course


We believe your dreams for the future are made possible with a financial plan as individual as you are.  When you work hand in hand with our experienced professionals, we deliver a personalized road map for your individual needs and financial goals. We encourage you to let us help you make a personalized retirement plan.


“The earlier planning begins, the greater the potential for rewards.”

Retirement Planning
Customize Portfolio
Discretionary Investment Management

Charting Your Financial Course


At Gasaway Investment Advisors, our custom-designed financial plans will help guide you towards financial security. During your free initial consultation, we will Analyze what is important to you and Design and Implement a personalized financial plan to help you sail towards financial independence. 

Watching For Storms


Similarly to watching for storms, we Monitor the market and make Buy, Sell and Hold decisions for your portfolio.

Tracking The Tides


Similarly to tracking the tides, we track the various sectors of the market, overweighting and underweighting various sectors of your portfolio based on what sectors are in and out of favor.  Over the years, we have noticed that often these trends last for a period of a few years.

Selecting The Sails


Similar to selecting your sails, we select the individual investments that will make up your portfolio. 


We select investment options that meet our stringent screening criteria, while focusing on you, the investor. We are not tied to, nor do we receive commissions from, any fund family. This allows us to serve your needs without an obligation to sell preferred products of other fund, brokerage, or investment companies. We complete independent evaluations of a full range of mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and fixed income options to create an investment menu appropriate for your needs.

Your Experience Inside the Cabin


Our dedication goes beyond the first introduction as we strive to provide exceptional client service. Our team cares about YOU, not just your account balance. If you have concerns, we want to walk you through them.

We want you to know and understand your financial plan. We will guide you through every step of the process:

  •        Reviewing your account(s) when it is convenient for you

  •        Re-evaluating your investment progress together with our team

  •        Updating your investment style based on your current financial situation

  •        Offering one-on-one attention for any questions or concerns 

  •        Providing updates on the current market state and trends

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